Valentine’s Day Rice Krispies

Lately I’ve been really into making unique rice krispie treats. I’ll probably never make a “regular” rice krispy  treat again after experimenting with these.

Remember the Cake Batter Rice Krispies from November? These were pretty similar recipe wise, but came out a million times tastier.

Since Dave loves red velvet cupcakes, I thought this would be a great Valentine’s gift for him. I stumbled upon the recipe from Food Family Finds.

I experimented with a first batch just for me and my roommate Bergzz, and I’m glad I did. The original recipe calls for too much chocolate. I know, I never thought I’d say that either. It also didn’t quite have enough marshmallows in it. So I tweaked the recipe down to ½ cup of chocolate chips and put in about ¾ of a bag of mini marshmallows. I was probably a little heavy handed on the cake mix too, since I really wanted that taste to come out.

After you mix the rice krispies, you should roll them out much thinner than you would regular treats if you’re going to use cookie cutters. The bigger the cookie cutter, the easier it is to eat when the treat is thin.

I stuck the rice krispies in the freezer for a few minutes to firm up and sprayed my cookie cutters with Pam. They were MUCH easier to pop out this way. Luckily my grandmother had already sent me the cookie cutters last year. I think the shapes made them super cute.

Don't worry, Bergzz and I didn't waste the leftovers 🙂

Dave and I both hate cream cheese icing, so I went with my trusty buttercream. Piping was hard on rice krispie treats, but I think if I flatten them out with some wax paper and a rolling pin next time it would help.

See how uneven the surface is to pipe on? Woops.

And yes, Dave loved them. He said they were “ probably one of the best things you have ever made! You need to start your own bake shop. End of story.”


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