Exploring the High Line

I love exploring in New York. It can be lonely commuting by myself sometimes, but it can also be really nice just walking around without having to worry about navigating for other people. Which, let’s be honest, the worst part of exploring New York can be exploring in groups.

This past Friday I attended a breakfast series at NYU PRCC that focused on social media. More on that later! Being in the city so early allowed me the chance to see some friends from good ol’ Belton, Texas that were visiting AND gave me time to explore.

I decided to explore the High Line. I heard about it through my class project on Uniqlo. It’s a park, well a unique kind of park, relatively close to Penn Station and a refreshing break from the buzz of Manhattan.

Oh and did I mention it’s free? Free is always good.

According to their brochure, the High Line is a NYC park built on an elevated 1930’s freight rail structure on Manhattan’s west side. It’s slowly been opening up in sections since 2009, with the most recent section opening this past June.

The structure was originally built to keep large freight trains carrying stuff like meat, milk, produce and other raw and manufactured things off of  Manhattan streets. The last freight train rolled in around 1980.

Visit the conservatory’s site to see photos that are a tad more professional than my humble little iPhone, events, maps and info about how you can support the Friends of the High Line.

It may seem silly, but all New Yorkers really want is a nice, free, quiet place to sit and chill. The High Line is all these things. It made even me sit down and do nothing but relax for at least five minutes.

If you and your friends are in that “What should we do, I don’t know what do you want to do?” rut while in Manhattan, go here. Grab some coffee or buy some at one of the sidewalk carts there, and just appreciate the views it gives you of the city.

For those of my friends in the NYC area, or those that I went to school with here, what is your favorite exploring story? What are some places I should explore next? Tell me in the comments below, I need a new place to check out!

I just wanted to post a few of my favorite photos from my expedition. Pardon the low quality, and enjoy!

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